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Velence Resort & Spa

Velence Resport and Spa is the first resort complex that’s a spa, wellness, conference center and child friendly hotel at the same time, with direct access to the waterfront and with its own beach. The bath and waterfront areas can be accessed by non-guests if needed.


Mihály Vörösmarty often visited and wrote some of his poems in this thatch roof covered, stone vault & deck floor cellar. Recently renovated, it provides an amazing ambient space for wine tasting and smaller get togethers with its stunning panoramic views. Please visit the front desk for more information!


The Halasz family’s 19th century built mansion was saved from falling into oblivion in 2014 by the foundation of Velence-Kistersegert. After successful recovery of the historical landmark, it has become an important cultural-touristic center, that houses exhibitions and social events as well. There are permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as museum pedagogy sessions.


Military Memorial Park – National Memorial was built remembering the 1848 Pakozd-Sukoro battle in the neighboring 1951 Obelisk memorial on mountain Meszeg. The memorial opened its gate to visitors in 2010 with the intention to guide visitors back to 1848, what the military looked like at the time, show the history of the military in the past 170 years, and to remember all known and unknown heroes.


Pákozd Sukoró Arboretum and Zoo is located between mountain Velence and Lake Velence, on the hills of mountain Meszeg. It attracts visitors due to its incredible location and views. The landscape museum equipped with fully interactive equipment shows the geographical and meteorological history of the area; it lets visitors take a look into the long history of culture, and shows professions that are common in the area.